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St Georges Hill

Welcome to St George's Hill Golf Club

A message from the Captain


Thank you for visiting our website. We hope it will be the prelude to seeing you here in person.

You might like to have a look at the short YouTube clip beside this message, in which David Howell, Paul Casey and Ronan Rafferty give their personal enthusiastic praise to our world class course.  These three top Pros, with our own past tour Pro, Andy Raitt, played in the Centenary Pro Exhibition Match to mark the 100th Anniversary of a similar event laid on to mark the opening of the course in 1913.


This is a landmark year; the first of our second century.


We have just come to the end of our centenary celebrations. By common consent they were a great success made special by the way our members embraced them with their enthusiastic participation in a yearlong feast of spectacular golfing and fun social events.


But as we take the first steps on the journey of our next hundred years we must reflect on our history and the legacy inherited from our founders and their successors. We are only the temporary stewards for following generations and must acknowledge our responsibility to maintain the ethos and traditions of the club. These are based on the camaraderie amongst our members, our friendly staff, our iconic clubhouse and our wonderful course.


As well as the generous endorsements from the three pros in the clip, there has been much written over the years acclaiming the special qualities of the course, and one of my favourites is from the celebrated and respected golf writer, Bernard Darwin, who referred as follows to this Harry Colt masterpiece: 

“The prettiest courses are also the best and certainly one of the prettiest and the best is St George’s Hill”.


We look forward to welcoming you to “one of the prettiest and the best” and are confident you will treasure your St George’s Hill experience.


George Meakin

Captain 2013/14