Nest – 08th


8th HOLE

The Red nine’s signature par 3 and probably the most memorable hole on the course. Both of the two teeing grounds provide an inviting drive across a deep valley to a large upturned saucer of a green that is tilted towards you and is just below the level of the teeing grounds. The large bunkers set into the face of the hill below the green make for a fabulous looking hole and, although they should not really be in play from the tee, it is surprising how often they intimidate the first time visitor and act like a magnet for the ball. The green is also guarded by a bunker left, and a steep slope away to the right. Beware of taking too much club to avoid the front bunkers as anything through the green leaves probably the worst shot of all. A picture postcard of a hole where a par is well earned.

Par 3
179 Yards
S.I. 15