25th HOLE

A demanding par 4 – the most difficult hole on this Nine is a dog-leg left to right with a deep valley between the tee shot landing area and the green. The drive has to be hit over the heather and with a high degree of precision, needing to end up either at the angle of the dog-leg at the same level as the tee and green, or faded longer down into the valley. Too long straight or too short right leaves no shot to the green and, very often, a lost ball. Anything left is going away from the green. The second shot is played to what looks like an island green set across the valley at the same level as the fairway. Short and right of the green are steep heather covered slopes and a bunker. Left and long, the green is bordered by a small bank that can help to keep the ball in play but deep rough lies beyond. The green itself is much larger than it looks from the fairway and will hold the well hit shot. It has several subtle contours that make it very hard to read.

Par 4
382 Yards
S.I. 2/1