27th HOLE

The final hole on the Green 9; this hole sums up the Green course perfectly – short and very tight!. From either tee, the tee shot requires total precision down a chute of pines to the uphill fairway. Left or right of the fairway from the tee and a provisional ball could well be required. The shot to the green is over a small brow and a valley in front of the green. Anything not making the green will stay in the rough covered valley or in one of the bunkers surrounding the green. The putting surface itself slopes from back to front and has three tiers in it making putting back down the green very fast indeed. Once on the green, any ball above the pin leaves a difficult fast putt; get on the wrong level and you will be surprised by the amount of borrow you have to take to complete your round on this fascinating 9 holes.

Par 4
330 Yards
S.I. 14/13